Health Benefits Of Kayaking

Kayaking is one great way of relaxing as it helps you relax your muscles. If you want to get on the water, then advise you to take a kayak with you. Kayaking will give you a great water experience. There is numerous oceans, lakes, rivers, and stream whereby you go for this activity. One advantage of the kayaks is that they are light and versatile and therefore easy to carry. There are lots of the health benefits of kayaking. This read will look at some of the advantages;

Health benefits

Weight loss


If you are thinking of losing weight and would love to do it via water, then kayaking is highly recommended for you. Kayaking may require you to move at about five miles per hour which will require you to apply a considerable amount of effort. This means that for close to an hour about 400 calories will be used. This subsequently means that if you paddle for five hours, this will approximately be 2000 calories. You will lose weight if that number of calories is used daily.

Stress reduction

Kayaking will also help you reduce stress. Kayaking involves paddling which requires you to perform a good stroke. Performing a good stroke is not only refreshing but enjoyable as well. You will be encouraged when you see the boat move because of the stroking. Kayaking will help you spend lots of hours under the sun just watching the sky, browns, grays, and greens just but to mention a few. By doing this, you will not only relax your nerves and but also reduce the stress and tension within your body.

Cardiovascular fitness

With the rising number of deaths because of heart problems, it is important that we keep fit. Kayaking will strengthen various muscles of your body thereby enhancing your cardiovascular health. Kayaking can be referred to as the test of the upper body which gives an individual a real workout. It also to some extent helps the lower body with the exercising. You also make use of the leg movements during kayaking which means that the entire body remains active during the exercise.

Toning your muscles


Lastly, kayaking will help you in toning your muscles. By paddling alone, you will give your shoulders and arms real workout. During different kayaking types of our muscles are involved which helps us to be fit. The average strokes that are made per mile during paddling are 500. All the muscles in the upper body are used during paddling. For the Kayaks sale, click on the highlighted link.