Partner with IntegriGuard
IntegriGuard builds part of its strength through strategic alliances with partner organizations. The benefit to our users is the increased depth of search capability. The benefit to our partners is the security in knowing that their intellectual property is guarded. If you wish to explore a strategic alliance with our organization, please contact us at:

A Challenge to the Term Paper Mills
We define a term paper mill as an entity that sells or freely provides writings to students. Many term paper mills justify their existence by claiming to provide the writings as examples to help students improve their writing skills.

We challenge any term paper mill that really believes they exist to help students, to open their databases for real-time scanning by IntegriGuard. In exchange for doing so, we will list you as a “scanned by IntegriGuard” site. Come on…you’ll sleep better at night. A lot of your writings are already in our database, so why not get the added benefit of a clear conscience and start thinking of new creative ways to actually help students write better?