Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers
Why should I pay for when I can use for free? is a plagiarism deterrent service while is a service for checking for plagiarism after the fact. When using, IntegriGuard creates a psychological deterrent that sticks in the minds of students when they submit a writing. If the student is tempted to purchase a writing over the Internet with the intent of handing it in as their work, they must realize that someone else may have purchased the same writing and submitted it already. It’s a risk that many students aren’t willing to take.
How many documents does IntegriGuard’s search?
The database is constantly growing through student submissions and Internet growth. IntegriGuard searches its internal database, partner databases, and the Internet to find matched writings, so there is no way to determine exactly how large the ‘database’ is. Let’s just say it’s really big.
Is IntegriGuard easy for instructors to use?
Yes. Both and were designed, by a former educator, from the bottom up with instructor ease of use as the primary goal. We always welcome feedback from instructors who have suggestions for making the site easier.
Is IntegriGuard, or has it ever been, affiliated with a term paper mill?
No. The creator of IntegriGuard is a former educator and loathes the very idea of term paper mills. Troubled by the academic degradation resulting from term paper mills, the idea for IntegriGuard was conceived. Integrity is the underlying premise on which the site is built.
What’s to keep IntegriGuard from turning around and selling the papers it receives?
One, we despise companies that sell term papers, and two, it wouldn’t do anyone much good, because once the papers are in the database, they are thoroughly indexed and anyone else trying to submit the same paper will fail the IntegriGuard test. It wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to realize they shouldn’t purchase a term paper from IntegriGuard. IntegriGuard will never sell or make public any writing that is submitted to it.