Factors to consider when thinking of vasectomy reversal

If you took the male vasectomy procedure a few years back, you might want to reverse the procedure and be a father again. It is possible as long as you choose the best vasectomy reversal surgeon. There are several factors to consider when planning for a vasectomy reversal. Some of these factors are discussed below.

Works with specialists

2Consider both academic and professional credentials of the surgeon who will perform the procedure. Once you choose right surgeon, you are almost done with your homework regarding the procedure. Vasectomy reversal is a very sensitive surgical procedure, and it should be performed by a specialist. Choose a person who is both a specialist in performing vasectomy and reversing it. It will be very disappointing if the process is not successful at the end. The biggest fear in men is the fear of failure. You want to be a father again, and you fear that you may not be able to father a child again. You should choose a specialist who will ensure that your fears are unfounded. A specialist will know all the practical details regarding the procedure, for instance, reassuring the man in question that he will be a father again, administering a general aesthetic, and ensuring that the patient is comfortable before, during and after the procedure. A specialist should also be able to customize the procedure depending on your specific needs. For instance, he or she should be able to perform both vasectomy reversal and vasoepididymostomy whenever there is the need.

Consider the experience of the surgeon

There is a big difference between a specialist and an experienced specialist. It is important to work with specialists, but it is more important to work with experienced specialists. Choose a surgeon who has performed several vasectomy reversals successfully. You may find it necessary to check for audited vasectomy reversal results by the surgeon of choice before you allow him or her to perform the procedure on you. These results will give you an idea of the number of satisfied clients that the surgeon has served. Working with a surgeon who has a huge experience boosts the chances of success of the procedure.

Get advice on the best method for you

There are several methods of having the male sterilization procedure. There are also many methods of reversing it. Whichever the method, the end justifies the means. Some methods of performing vasectomy include open vasectomy, closed vasectomy, tying of the vas-deferens tubes or burning their ends. Each of these methods of performing vasectomy is reversible. Scientifically, none of these methods is better than the other, and none of the reversal methods is better than the other either. However, the microsurgical vasectomy is one of the male sterilization reversal techniques that have been proven to work with a high success rate. Everybody is unique, and it may be important to get advice on the best method for you, depending on the method applied to administer the vasectomy.

Consider the chances of success of each method

3As noted, every method works. However, as you read reviews of the people who have had the vasectomy reversal procedure, consider the methods which have the highest success results. Having chosen an experienced specialist and specified the best method of the performing the procedure, you can consider other …

Important Tips For Skin And Hair Care

It is natural for people to be concerned on how to look. Most people desire to have a good and attractive skin. Acne and thinning hair are one of the things that disturb many people around the world. One of the reasons why people fail to get the right remedy for their problems is that they do not have the right information on what to do if they want to achieve the desires of their heart. So if you have been badly frustrated by acne and unattractive hair, then you need to read this article as it will provide you the information that you need to have a healthy hair and skin.


When looking for skin and hair products, you need to give the safety of your skin and hair the priority. The demand for beauty products in the market is extremely high. The consequence of these is that some selfish business people have gone ahead to produce products that are harmful to both your hair and skin. So when you go to the market to buy any beauty product, it is good to take the necessary precautions. There are many people out there who have used some of those products only to end up burning their skin. Your skin is one of the important organs in your body; you cannot afford to harm. Thorough research will be a good move before you make any move.

Hair and skin treatment

We all love to have healthy skin and hair. That is something that can be achieved easily. All that you need to do is to find a good beauty facility. With the advancement in the technology, you can be sure that you will achieve your desired goals. You, however, need to make sure that you choose the right facility since not all of them are capable of providing you with the quality services that you need. Getting advice from your friends and family members will help you make the right choice.

Natural oils

Health experts believe that continuous use of cosmetic products is not good for your health. This is because cosmetic products have been known to cause various types of cancer. That is something that you would not want to associate yourself with. The good news is that there are natural products that you can use to avoid the risks involved with the cosmetic products. Some of those products have been proved to be very effective. They include coconut oil and many other naturally extracted oils. You can also buy desert essence jojoba oil for a healthy hair and skin.…


Health Benefits Of Kayaking

Kayaking is one great way of relaxing as it helps you relax your muscles. If you want to get on the water, then advise you to take a kayak with you. Kayaking will give you a great water experience. There is numerous oceans, lakes, rivers, and stream whereby you go for this activity. One advantage of the kayaks is that they are light and versatile and therefore easy to carry. There are lots of the health benefits of kayaking. This read will look at some of the advantages;

Health benefits

Weight loss


If you are thinking of losing weight and would love to do it via water, then kayaking is highly recommended for you. Kayaking may require you to move at about five miles per hour which will require you to apply a considerable amount of effort. This means that for close to an hour about 400 calories will be used. This subsequently means that if you paddle for five hours, this will approximately be 2000 calories. You will lose weight if that number of calories is used daily.

Stress reduction

Kayaking will also help you reduce stress. Kayaking involves paddling which requires you to perform a good stroke. Performing a good stroke is not only refreshing but enjoyable as well. You will be encouraged when you see the boat move because of the stroking. Kayaking will help you spend lots of hours under the sun just watching the sky, browns, grays, and greens just but to mention a few. By doing this, you will not only relax your nerves and but also reduce the stress and tension within your body.

Cardiovascular fitness

With the rising number of deaths because of heart problems, it is important that we keep fit. Kayaking will strengthen various muscles of your body thereby enhancing your cardiovascular health. Kayaking can be referred to as the test of the upper body which gives an individual a real workout. It also to some extent helps the lower body with the exercising. You also make use of the leg movements during kayaking which means that the entire body remains active during the exercise.

Toning your muscles


Lastly, kayaking will help you in toning your muscles. By paddling alone, you will give your shoulders and arms real workout. During different kayaking types of our muscles are involved which helps us to be fit. The average strokes that are made per mile during paddling are 500. All the muscles in the upper body are used during paddling. For the Kayaks sale, click on the highlighted link.