What You Need To Know About Vitamin B Injections

Deficiency of vitamin B 12 is very common among people. The deficiency of this vitamin is mainly experienced in individuals taking antibiotics frequently and those taking acid-altering medications. It is also common with vegetarians and the elderly people. B12 injections are used in off setting the symptoms associated with vitamin B12. These symptoms include poor moods, fatigue ad low concentration.

Some of the foods rich in vitamin B12 include fish supply, dairy products, and grass-fed beef. However, it is said that most people abstain from consuming these foods. Other people have a metabolic/digestive limitation, and they have a hard time in absorbing and utilizing vitamin B 12.

Role of Vitamin B12 injections

These are injections which contain doses of vitamin B 12. They are used for elevating the levels of this vitamin among individuals suffering from its deficiency. Vitamin B 12 is one of the essential vitamins which is crucial for the various hormonal and metabolic functions such as the production of enzymes. It is also used in synthesizing and converting other compounds within your body.

The following are the main functions of vitamin B12

  • Synthesis of RNA/DNA
  • Formation of red blood cells
  • Development of foetus during pregnancy
  • Synthesis of haemoglobin production of myelin sheath
  • Synthesis of haemoglobin
  • Making creatine and synthesis of amino acids
  • Aids in the production of hormones

Blood serum tests are used in testing the levels of vitamin B12. This vitamin can be supplemented by prescription where it s injected into the muscle tissue of the patient on a monthly basis. The amount of the dose given is dependent on the medical history and age of the patient. The following are the main benefits associated with vitamin B12 injections

Reducing depression, dementia, and cognitive decline

Studies have revealed that vitamin B 12 supplements can greatly help in preventing depression and restoring better mood, especially in the old people. It is also used in retaining the mental or memory functioning in patients.


Lowering fatigue

Healthy levels of Vitamin B 12 can be used in treating anaemia and increasing the production of creatine. This is beneficial in reducing muscle weakness and building of muscle mass.

Protection of the heart

Increased level of homocysteine is one of the risk factors for cardiovascular diseases. Cardio diseases are one of the leading killers of adults, especially in the industrialized countries. Vitamin B12 is used in the conversion of homocysteine and thus prevent complications which result from stroke or heart diseases.

Improving metabolism

Intake of this vitamin can help you in overcoming sluggish metabolism. This injection is useful in giving more energy to the patient as well as regulating the production of hormones. This, in turn, can increase your appetite and improve sleep. Vitamin B 12 shots are also known for improving the general appearance of the nails, hair, and skin.