Yoga For Weight Loss

Millions of people are practising yoga in different parts of the world. These people include professional athletes and fit celebrities who practice yoga as a means of supplementing their workout regiment as well as enhancing their performance. Yoga is a no strain workout activity which has been proven to be a viable and an effective weight loss option even if it burns fewer calories as compared to other cardiovascular exercises.
The following are the main ways in which yoga aids in weight loss

Enhancing mind-body connection

Unlike with the other workout exercises, yoga is an activity which integrates breathing and other physical movements the intense focus brought about by breathing is helpful in paying attention to the body. Additionally, yoga is a practice which includes whatever you consume thereby increasing the awareness of your body. Yoga can greatly help in changing your negative behaviour since whatever you do is mainly controlled by your mind.

This can also help you in alleviating emotional overeating as well as binge eating. In fact, a journal which was published by Qualitative health research revealed that yoga is effective in promoting relaxation and decreasing stress which in turn helps in curbing emotional eating and overheating. In general, yoga is a practice which makes someone pay attention and think positively.

Encouraging exercises

Yoga is a healthy practice which plays avail role in relieving pain and anxiety. This will help in encouraging people to do other forms of workouts. For those individuals who love high-intensity cardio exercises such as walking, running, or bikes, yoga is considered as a unique exercise since it can be performed at any pace. It is an ideal starter workout for those individuals who have spent their lives without engaging in any form of workout.

Reduction of the belly fat

Belly fat is a dangerous fat. Accumalation of this fat can lead to serious health problems. It is known for raising the levels of cortisol in the body. Yoga can greatly help in reducing cortisol, and this reduces and prevents the formation of belly fat.

Increasing the range of motion and loosening of muscles

Yoga can help in loosening of the body’s muscles and thereby increase the range of motion and flexibility. It is a healthy practice for the overweight people who do not have any other form of exercise. It can also help in correcting the poor posture which is mainly associated with overweight.